The Impresario & Gala Concert

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Saturday July 14th
Rodmarto Manor,Rodmarton, Gloucestershire
Thursday November 29th
London TBC,
Saturday December 1st
Leatherhead Theatre, Surrey


In the first half you will enjoy "The Impresario" by Mozart a fully costumed 18th century comic opera sparkling with wit and humour. With powdered wigs and period costumes.
The second half consists of a "pot pouri" of inspiring music. A selection of well known arias, duets, trios and ensembles - the Pearl Fishers duet, the Lakme duet (the BA theme) from operas and musicals, ranging from Mozart to Sondheim, interspersed with informative and comic anecdotes, and at Christmas time Carols and all your Christmas favourites, plus some audience participation.
This intimate evening has something for everyone.
#####Cast list: