Reviews from our Audiences & Artists


"We saw Figaro at Borde Hill last night and it was SUPERB. Loved loved loved it, Bravo!!"

"What a lovely way to see The Marriage of Figaro at Borde Hill in the open air with a picnic."

"Thank you all for a lovely opera of The Barber of Seville yesterday at Hever Castle, the talent displayed was awesome from a small travelling company."

"If you haven’t seen this production yet then ITS A MUST (Figaro)"

"We saw Figaro. A magical evening- I absolutely loved it; wish I was there now. I was just transfixed - couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home! Thank you x"

"We are visiting from Arizona, so the rain didn’t bother us. The opera was wonderful."

"Such a great evening watching The Marriage of Figaro at Borde Hill last night. Loved the characterisations, beautiful singing, highly entertaining. 5 star."

"Fabulous evening thank you Opera Brava."

"Wonderful evening. Thank you Opera Brava."

“I took my 13-year old to see the Barber of Seville at Leatherhead. She’s been clutching the programme ever since, and telling everyone about it. From the minute the music struck up, she started grinning and never stopped until we left. Then she said she’d like to go again!”


"During the 1990’s I had the honour of directing a number of productions for Opera Brava. This lean, nimble organisation gave me and many artists and arts workers the chance to hone our craft.
The development of new talent is the lifeblood of opera, and one of the key roles of Opera Brava is to identify that emerging talent and give those young singers a head-start in the competitive world of professional music, to learn its concepts and rigour and to work alongside established  artists.
The company was known for its innovative presentations of popular works in often surprising locations .  The company prides itself  on breaking down the commonly perceived barriers to entry – principally, concerns of elitism, ticket prices, the notion that opera is "too hard”.  Recognising that opera is often at its most moving when it is at its most intimate.
In addition Opera Brava continues to roll out a creative education programme. These productions and workshops allowed young people to learn about all aspects of opera, thereby seeding the opera audience of the future.
Long may Opera Brava  prosper."

Stuart Maunder
Artistic Director
State Opera South Australia

"I was Musical Director of Opera Brava between 1990 and 1995. They have always cast to a very high standard and many of today’s leading opera singers can look back to professional debuts with Opera Brava. They were also ahead of their time in striving wherever possible to provide family-friendly working practices so that artistes with children were not disadvantaged by long periods touring away from home, or by having to work too many anti-social hours. In fact, the performers’ children were very much part of the larger Opera Brava family and it is this embracing of family and community values that has in turn informed the company’s commitment to provide workshops and productions for young people which continues to this day."

Murray Hipkin
Music Staff - English National Opera (1983-1988; 1995-present)
Musical Director – The Sound of Music - RUG/London Palladium (2008-2009)
Musical Director – Opera Brava (1990-1995)

"I sang with Opera Brava during the early 1990s when I was just beginning my operatic career.  Bronek and Mandy Pomorski gave me one of my very first operatic roles, Marcello in Puccini’s La Bohème, which we performed on tour in the south of England.  Apart from being a tremendous amount of fun, working alongside a really wonderful and supportive group of colleagues, this proved to be the perfect learning experience for me.  The tour gave me repeated opportunities to learn my stagecraft, to develop my vocal stamina, and to grow completely comfortable with a role that I subsequently took to Scottish Opera-Go-Round, Scottish Opera itself and now currently at English National Opera."

Roderick Williams OBE
Baritone English National Opera, London

"I have been involved with Opera Brava for several years in both its spheres of activity: its touring season of Opera and its education projects. The former has developed considerably in recent years providing a unique, often magical experience of primarily outdoor performances in beautiful settings. Talented young singers are given valuable experience and opportunities to develop alongside more seasoned professionals, whilst audiences ,often new to Opera, are able to enjoy operas staged in a traditional manner in English. I have also been a long standing member of the education ‘team’ which has inspired countless children and given many a life changing experience. The broader educational value of these projects in developing confidence, self esteem and team work is no less important than their purely musical and dramatic achievements."

Geoffrey Moses
Bass Royal Opera House, London

"I worked with Opera Brava for a few seasons in the early 2000’s, being a part of their Tosca, Barbiere, Madame Butterfly on tour. I had a chance to watch how big an input they made for several young artists just leaving colleges, giving them a chance to perform major roles in their productions, which led later to many international careers. I work now as an agent in Berlin based management and can see how these first opportunities helped develop and form career paths for young professionals.  The soloists appearing with Opera Brava have later performed at the ROH, English National Opera, Opera de Paris, Zurich Opera, to name a few of the biggest world stages. Bronek Pomorski has a very good ear for world class voices, and often spotted the talent which otherwise could have been missed."

Marcin Kopec
TACT Management

"Opera Brava gave me one of my first professional engagements after finishing my studies. I recall the Artistic Director’s passion for music, talent and professionalism. Since my time with them, I have had a chance to perform with several other opera houses, including Opera North, Polish National opera, Zurich Opera, Teatro Real Madrid, Royal Opera de Wallonie. A performer's life can be full of tension, and building the confidence of young artists’ is so important. Opera Brava is able to encourage and develop this confidence by enabling the young performers to work alongside established professionals, whilst working with great directors and musicians in a positive, encouraging environment. The mid-scale companies of this sort are the missing link in the education of opera singers. In many countries one would pay to have these opportunities; whilst with Opera Brava we were being paid to develop our crafts. We cannot appreciate their input enough."

Ania Jeruc
International Soprano

Reviews from schools

"To be in such close contact with real Opera Singers was a truly uplifting experience for our children. The workshops provide the perfect foundation for exploring the world of Opera."

"I loved Opera Brava because we learnt all different warm-ups. Also I love that it gave people a lot of confidence to stand up in front of a crowd. Opera Brava was the best week of my life. I met lots of nice people, so THANK YOU."

"Opera Brava was a life-time opportunity. It was funny, joyful and EPIC, especially dressing-up. We could not do it without you."

"I enjoyed making the props and singing the songs. I liked performing because it makes me feel proud and happy I did it. I liked seeing the professionals do singing and learning from them."

"I really enjoyed doing Opera Brava. My favourite part was practising all of the songs because you got to learn something new. I also loved doing the show. It was a once in a lifetime experience."

"I really enjoyed doing Opera Brava. I also enjoyed doing the warm-ups. I enjoyed learning new things to do with music. I really enjoyed making my mouse mask because it was cool! I loved doing the actual performance. It was so fun and exciting."

"It was wonderful! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an exceptional event to have in school. Brava are a great team, who produced the works for us with few props, working with a very mobile and all ages audience (!), but they sang their hearts out and gave us a treat!

Thank you one and all."

"Wow.... just amazing."

"Thank you , really, for this magical moment.
Our spirits are filled with beauty."

"I was genuinely bowled over by last night. It felt like I was in a West End show. The children were in awe and their expectations of performance will forever now be high.
A wonderful experience and you have really raised the bar for Collège du Léman, Geneva."
Best regards,
Mrs Julie Burnell
Primary Deputy Principal Anglophone

"Just wanted to say, before tomorrow, thank you so much for an incredible week. I had a lot of feedback from my staff that watched it this afternoon - and they were blown away. We do pride ourselves on performing arts at the school and I see it as an integral part to children’s confidence. The staff were particularly complimentary in the way in which you interacted with the younger children and believe me when I say it is amazing that such young children could sit for such a long time! It was lovely to see Daniel and Jenny improvising and responding to the children and Mandy was so supportive at the front - the children really responded to this. You were so thoughtful to the audience and I really appreciated the way in which you related to the young children - explaining the intricacies of a “performance!” As for the professor/Aslan well he clearly understands children of all ages and you can feel the rapport the children have towards him."
James Crump
Heron Way Primary School

"Dear All

Well what can I say - the children are buzzing and to quote "that was
the most amazing thing ever!!!" Thank you once again for bringing such
a special experience to our children. I am literally over the moon
that I contacted you last year on the off chance that you would be
available. Every child in this country should have this opportunity!

What I love the most is that Opera is cool in our school! How cool is that!
It's so great to see some children (some rather unexpected) rising to
the challenge of your super high expectations. It just goes to show
that if you set the bar high - the children will strive to meet it!"
James Crump

"What a fantastic performance and amazing production. It was so evident to see how much effort has gone into the development of the show and all of the children’s participation was superb! We personally learnt a lot about our son and how his confidence has improved as a result. Thanks to all involved."

"Fantastic! Thank you."

"Absolutely amazing! So impressed with the standard of the performance and my daughter loved all the preparation and rehearsals."

"Superb….. No more to say. Please provide hankies in future!!!!"

"Brilliant production. Excellent support from all the teachers. 10/10 Thank you."

"Absolutely fantastic! Cannot praise the performance and commitment of everyone involved enough. Brilliant and really looking forward to watching the DVD! Thank you Opera Brava!"

"Dear Opera Brava

Last year Jack came home saying that an Opera Company were coming to school to do a production. 'Fantastic', I said. 'I don’t want to do it, I HATE OPERA' said Jack.

The whole school buzzed with excitement for a week. The production was wonderful and to hear your voices was a privilege for all of us. Opera is not something many of us have much exposure to.

This year Jack was really pleased you were coming back, but was very nervous of auditioning. 'Go on, you have just as much chance as anyone else' I said. Now Jack is Prince Caspian and a whole new area of interest in drama and singing has been opened up to him (and many of the other children). He has enjoyed this week so much and has been looking forward to this day for so long. He has grown in confidence and has discovered his beautiful voice. He will join the choir at High School now and hopefully so will his older brother."
Jack's mother

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