Leatherhead Theatre

Leatherhead Theatre, Leatherhead, Surrey

The Barber of Seville



Saturday June 9th 2018
For tickets please call 01372 365141 / Website


In late eighteenth century Seville, a young girl. Rosina, is kept a virtual prisoner by her guardian, Doctor Bartolo, who hopes to marry when she is of age and enrich himself from her dowry. The young and ardent Count Almaviva, who wants Rosina to love him for himself and not for his wealth or title, engages the help of Figaro, the local factotem and his former servant, to frustrate Bartolo's plan and marry Rosina himself.

Barber cast:

Figaro - Hakan Vramsmo
Count Almaviva - Roger Paterson
Rosina - Elspeth Marrow
Doctor Bartolo - John Lofthouse
Don Basilio - Geoffrey Moses
Berta - Amanda Buckland
Fiorello & Officer - Benjamin Schilperoort